Yes, that’s right people, I am still breathin’ n eatin’. Quite a lot actually. At this point I’d like to grab the opportunity and send my love to that anon on tumblr who very nicely noticed and pointed out to me that I’m getting chubby and fat. Also sending love to my boyfriend who, despite the fact that I’m getting chubby and fat, appreciates my bottom half.

Moving on to more serious matters. I promised you in August that I’m going to be active and interesting, but oh, how little I knew back then that my brain will be exhausted from studying, socialising and keeping track of my duties around the house. Who would’ve thought that living alone is this difficult? I’m just kidding of course, it’s way better than I imagined. It’s even kind of boring to be honest. Going to grocery shopping, spending a lot of money on food and thinking it’ll be enough for another two semesters at least, and then the next day you realise that although you have a lot of breakfast food, you don’t have anything to cook from, so you find yourself in Albert Heijn again.

Breda is so lovely in Autumn. The brown, terracotta and white houses look really great behind the trees with changing colours. I bike every morning to uni, and the leaves are falling like snow, but it’s not quite chilly yet, so I’m really enjoying it. Okay, there was this one time when I was biking under a lot of trees and one huge yellow leaf landed right in my face, just like in cartoons, and I was blindfolded for around 20 seconds, which was a bit risky with my 2 months biking skills.


I’m finished with all my exams (results are coming soon, cross your fingers for me!), so now it’s time for my well-deserved chill time. I spent my whole weekend sleeping, watching netflix and reading on repeat. I’ve just started this book from Jonas Jonasson, the author of ‘The hundred-year-old man who climed out of the window and disappeared’. I haven’t read it yet, only watched the movie last year, but now I have to buy and read it too, because this one is not only satisfies my current yellow-obsession, but is also an amusing book. When I say amusing, I mean that I’m laughing out loud. In my room. Alone.

Anyways, I just came to tell you that I’m not dead or anything, and I’m quite motivated to blog again. Yes, I said ‘quite’, so you can’t hold me responsible, if I decide to desappear for two months again. I hope I won’t. Especially because I worked on the new layout for like 6 hours. I know it’s not that fancy that it requires 6 hours of work, but this is the 5th one I’ve done and this is the one I’m happy with. Let me know what you think! Doei!


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